Southeast port city known for having the largest physical docks on in Cortuum. Home of the Arcanum, a mysterious arcane school that never allows visitors. Several notable taverns: Bull's Eye Inn, The Thumb's Nose, The Nosey Thumb, Buy beer here and also food and also rooms, and Dead Lobster. Large ship builder: Builder Baot's Rebated Bait Boats. Basic potion and supplies: Ellie's Essentials. Armor and leather working: Bull's Hide.

Many people here follow Ptah, the deity of secrets. Due to this there is a large focus on privacy in the law enforcement. Guards use special potions to keep people's secrets that interfere with investigations. Called a Secret Keeper, the potion causes the next 30 seconds to be completely forgotten. There is also a significant population of Aurifar followers that live on Tree-side.

Derondack Deckrokken successfully has positioned himself as mayor of the city. His unofficial second in command is Marget Rene, who covertly runs her operations out of Brik's Cafe.

Run by a council of five with a single Mayor. Mayor normally is chosen by council, needs at least 4 votes. Each council member is in charge of a different aspect of the city and is promoted through the industry to the position.

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