Indiscernible Dray

2 beholder eye stalks

Vial of Choldrith venom

Potion of Tiny-roll d4 for number of hours

Tome of ripping out pages

robes with symbol of Melora desecrated

Amulet with symbol of Melora desecrated

Hag's Diary

Broken eggshells

2 large well made tapestries

7 Light blue silk robes

Lark Pilner's Journal

Floor Plans Warehouse

Map of Bull's Port

Map of Rakarive's Reef

Map of Coast of Cortuum

Elixir of Health-removes disease and stuff

Creepy magic collar

Brass Dwarf Face Mug

Foof's Journal

10 Sheets of Paper

Potion of Greater Healing

Wooden Magic Chest that has sparky the glowy evil creature in it

2 Potion of Climbing-Climb at speed

Small statuette of a golden dragon

16 pounds of rubbery flesh-humanoid, kinda dried out and tanned

Frozen Rat Jar

10 Vials of heater centipede blood that aren't hot

1 empty vial

Pall of Last words-1 use per day

Potion of Firebreathing

Sunbeam Scroll

Sending Scroll x3

Speak with Dead Scroll

2 Malaerogoth's Claw Tomes

Tome Reading Ring

5 Hot arrows-add 1 d4 fire

6 50 foot ropes

chess board

checkers board

3 keys

5 pounds of assorted teeth

someone's thumb

12 Casino Potions

1 Hair from Voyage

Frying Pan of face smashing- Con 13

Drift Globe

Amulet of the Silver Flame

Evil walking shoes

4850 gp

All items (1)

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