Go to The Wheel, Holth...Stop the Madman Claw trying to raise ☀tarasque! Also get info from him about where The EYE is.

Return(some of) Ari's Stuff

Malaeregoth Quests

Claw at Faewild Embassy- Central Cortuum near Letich

Claw North along coast- Map from dude bro

Eye-Coldridge- N Ocean Ridge


Find Mr. Snith - Relentrise-Price on your head

Get a boat

Start a cult


Fix Ridley's life-Tensyma Lock-Pit fiend named Rews'nim

Find a zoo

Steal Momon's finger- 3rd layer of hell, 2 tone, plane shifting Tiefling in warmth

Break the scythe-consecrated ground

Pick up armor in Anvij

Become a kithraq

Murder all the slavers

Start a band called Punk Rock Halflings

Come up with the tenants of Gronakian

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