The western-most colonized city in Cortuum. Sits far inland, and serves as the last stop for civilization before venturing further inland. Started two hundred years ago by adventurous pioneers worshiping The Traveler. The name of the city itself tends to change every generation or so, and previous ones get forgotten over time.

There is constant friction with the nearby elves at the Feywild Gates/Embassy, Sha'we'llal.

Edge, The Halt, Letich, Wheel is run by a large general assembly that enforces changes and care takes the day-to-day running of the city. All citizens vote in yearly elections and must choose a new Mayor every year. Each Mayor is given almost complete authority over all the city projects and the Assembly does their best to enact any changes. Because of this, almost a quarter of the city itself consists of abandoned construction projects. Another adjacent quarter has been under heavy reconstruction for almost 30 years now, shifting through waves of different Mayor's ideas for how the city should operate. Barely half of the buildings in the city have lasted more than a generation.

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