Cortuum Wiki
Money Items Mary Poppins Hole Cart Inventory
1927 Gold 2 Ioun stones of language (Dwarven, Undercommon) 7 light blue silk robes 150 lbs of obsidian
457 Platinum Pyschic Warhammer Floor plans - warehouse 2 tapestries
Hunk of metal - sun lock Frozen rat jar
Tome of ripping out pages 11 empty vials
Robes with Melora symbol - desecrated 2 Malaerogoth's Claw tomes
Amulet with Melora symbol - desecrated 3.5 lbs of assorted teeth - no purple
Token bird 400 gp of assorted jewels
Diary of hag - Seltran Marsh - Sisters and experiment gone wrong
Ring of warmth
Oils of resurrection
Gross journal - Lark Pilner
Map of Bull's Port
400 gp worth of precious jewels and ivory carvings
Foof's journal
10 sheets
Week of rations for everyone
Ari mace - shatterspike mace amulet
2 gross diggy gloves
1/2 ungents of oil
Vial of doppelganger blood
Tome ring
5 hot arrows - d4 fire
6 50 ft ropes
Rough leather bound journal
Chess board
Voyage hair
Checkers board
3 keys
Faded leash
Someone's thumb
Pall of Last Words
Long Sword +1
2 Flasks of Mimic Goo
6 regular healing potions
3 greater healing potions
Rosewood Elven Bow
Murder Cloak
5 Fancy, old sylvan books
Copper tabard
Blue tabard
2 heroes feast bowls

1600 gp diamond dust

300 gp diamonds

2 supreme healing potions

2 greater healing potions

3 healing potions

Astral Flare spell scroll

14,750 gold

300 platinum

1000 gold worth gemstones (1/2 assorted, 1/2 diamonds)

1 superior healing potion

1 potion of invulnerablity- 1 min

1 potion of Firegiant strength 25 strength for 1 min

Talking Doll - Wondrous item, common (requires attunement), Minor tier

  • While this stuffed doll is within 5 feet of you, you can spend a short rest telling it to say up to six phrases, none of which can be more than six words long, and set an observable condition under which the doll speaks each phrase. You can also replace old phrases with new ones. Whatever the condition, it must occur within 5 feet of the doll to make it speak. For example, whenever someone picks up the doll, it might say, "I want a piece of candy." The doll's phrases are lost when your attunement to the doll ends.

Emerald pen - cast illusory script at will

Horned helmet (illusion magic) - gives you red eyes, voice lowers an octave and billowing smoke

Cleansing stone - prestidigitation (magic soap)

Dust of Disappearance - Wondrous item, uncommon, Minor tier

  • Found in a small packet, this powder resembles very fine sand. There is enough of it for one use. When you use an action to throw the dust into the air, you and each creature and object within 10 feet of you become invisible for 2d4 minutes. The duration is the same for all subjects, and the dust is consumed when its magic takes effect. If a creature affected by the dust attacks or casts a spell, the invisibility ends for that creature.

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