Cortuum Wiki
Money Items Mary Poppins Hole Cart Inventory
1927 Gold 2 Ioun stones of language (Dwarven, Undercommon) 7 light blue silk robes 150 lbs of obsidian
457 Platinum Pyschic Warhammer Floor plans - warehouse 2 tapestries
Hunk of metal - sun lock Frozen rat jar
Tome of ripping out pages 11 empty vials
Robes with Melora symbol - desecrated 2 Malaerogoth's Claw tomes
Amulet with Melora symbol - desecrated 3.5 lbs of assorted teeth - no purple
Token bird 400 gp of assorted jewels
Diary of hag - Seltran Marsh - Sisters and experiment gone wrong
Ring of warmth
Oils of resurrection
Gross journal - Lark Pilner
Map of Bull's Port
400 gp worth of precious jewels and ivory carvings
Foof's journal
10 sheets
Week of rations for everyone
Ari mace - shatterspike mace amulet
2 gross diggy gloves
1/2 ungents of oil
Vial of doppelganger blood
Tome ring
5 hot arrows - d4 fire
6 50 ft ropes
Rough leather bound journal
Chess board
Voyage hair
Checkers board
3 keys
Faded leash
Someone's thumb
Pall of Last Words
Long Sword +1
2 Flasks of Mimic Goo
6 regular healing potions
3 greater healing potions
Rosewood Elven Bow
Murder Cloak
5 Fancy, old sylvan books
Copper tabard
Blue tabard
2 heroes feast bowls

1600 gp diamond dust

300 gp diamonds

2 supreme healing potions

2 greater healing potions

3 healing potions

Astral Flare spell scroll

13,000 gold

=== ===